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I recently read an article about how people are knitting scarves and hanging them on trees for those who need to keep warm in winter. Having a conversation with my mother, we decided to make use of all the wool that's been collecting dust in the cupboard. In our cupboard-cleanout-session, we discovered jerseys that were half knitted and this became part of our pet project. A scarf or jersey never hangs in the tree for more than 2 hours - just showing us how many people are cold this winter. "Leaves on trees" is a symbolic phrase for our project as we as a community grow together only through being there with and for one another and of course we LEAVE the scarves in a tree to be taken by those who need them. Now, whenever we have a chance, we are knitting for the people who so desperately need help. 


  • Donate your old wool to us - we now have 12 ladies knitting away to keep up with the demand.

  • Start knitting when you have a free second. You can hang your scarves in the tree outside your house or donate them to us to distribute.

  • Share your photos with us for our facebook page to keep awareness going.

  • Enjoy the little things we can do to help each other.

Lizanne Visser

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38-40 Rudolph Str,

Sunderland Ridge, Pretoria


012 6669645    - Tel.

012 6669663    - Fax.

082 416 4060   - Hotline

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